mBooster is the world-leading optimization suite for J2ME applications for professional J2ME game and application developers. mBooster automatically reduces the size and increases the performance of your midlet JAR files. At the core is a proprietary optimizing Java compiler implementing state of the art optimization as you would expect from a modern C++ compiler. mBooster is specially designed for the special problem facing mobile Java developers, incorporating many J2ME specific optimizations. Furthermore to support the special requirements of game development, mBooster implements a range of domain specific optimizations.


Ricky Haggett, Lead Programmer for Morpheme says,
 "mBooster optimizes java bytecode for size in a way that you can't, or simply wouldn't want to in source code." 
Morpheme is one of UK's leading mobile game studios and the winner of BAFTA games award.

How could mBooster help you?

Helps you deliver more compelling applications

What if mBooster allows you to build a game with more gameplay? What if mBooster allows you to put more graphics and sound into your next game? Can you build a better game leading to higher sales?

Reduces porting cost

When porting to low-end and mid-end handsets, size constraints play a significant part. mBooster helps you to rapidly port the reference implementation of your application to the low-end and mid-end handsets, while retaining more of the functionalities.

Reduces project risk and improves project visibility

Through using mBooster on a regular basis, your development teams have a clear idea on the eventual size of the games and applications throughout the entire development cycle. By increasing visibility of the project progress and the eventual result, risks are reduced and the traditional optimization crunch at the end of the development cycle eliminated.

Reduces development cost and time-to-market

Optimization is a highly skilled task. Through automating optimization mBooster allows your best developers to concentrate on developing better games faster.

Reduces certification and testing cost

One way to benefit from the extra space created by mBooster is to combine multiple single-language SKUs into a single multi-language SKU. The reduction in certification and testing cost is substantial.

Improves security

mBooster improves the security of your application by making it more difficult to reverse engineer. mBooster is designed to comply with the JVM specification so that the optimized programs it produces can run on all compliant handsets. However most decompilers are not 100% compliant to JVM specification; they have difficulties decompiling these mBooster optimized programs. Although this approach is not foolproof, mBooster will significantly increase the difficulty in reverse engineering your programs.