Eric Huynh, CTO, Vivendi Mobile Games

"Urban Attack is one of Vivendi's most technologically complex games. This award winning first person shooter provides an immersive 3D gaming experience on even low end handsets. It was therefore an incredible achievement that alcheMo enabled a Vivendi J2ME engineer with no previous BREW experience to deliver Urban Attack onto a wide spread of BREW handsets. The alcheMo optimized BREW SKUs delivered a very smooth gaming experience despite the complex graphics and heavy computation. Furthermore, alcheMo effectively isolated us from most of the BREW device issues, minimizing the number of SKUs required.

alcheMo has solved the BREW/Java fragmentation problem. The breakthrough automatic J2ME to BREW porting technology works, and the support provided by Innaworks is simply amazing."

David Brittain, VP Technology, Superscape (now Glu)

"alcheMo is technically very impressive. It is the first automated J2ME to BREW porting solution I know of that works on standard unmodified J2ME games. alcheMo has every potential of revolutionizing the way the industry tackles platform fragmentation. On the Spring Break: Wild Waves project, alcheMo shows that a single code base is a reality and simultaneous J2ME and BREW development is no longer an expensive luxury.

Equally impressive is the quality of Innaworks' relentless customer service. I enjoyed working with their dedicated and talented team who helped make Spring Break: Wild Waves a success."

Greg Billington, Technical Director, t+ Medical, www.tplusmedical.com

"We found the alchemo product a great solution to quickly porting our J2ME application for t+ diabetes, a mobile phone based health management system, onto BREW. As well as reducing the project timeline it produced an application that looks and operates like the original and can easily stay in sync with the original java codebase. The porting process shrinks from months to days and was easy for existing engineers to use without retraining in BREW."

Michael Ewins, Development Director, I-Play

"alcheMo really does deliver on its promises. Our alcheMo projects have been most successful, delivered rapidly, and have a remarkably shortened QA cycle. The Innaworks team have been great to work with. They are very responsive, helpful and knowledgeable."


Michael Temkin, CTO and SVP of Product Development, Hands-On Mobile

"With Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, alcheMo produced a high quality port in a significantly shorter period of time resulting in a compressed QA cycle and reduced time to market. Our total cost of delivering the game on BREW was dramatically reduced. The automated porting approach is fundamentally changing the game; with alcheMo it is now profitable and indeed straight-forward to take advantage of the niche opportunities with the second and third tier operators."