alcheMo Java ME (J2ME) to BREW, iPhone, Android, Flash and Windows Mobile Cross Compiler

Designed for professional developers, alcheMo is a proven, standards-based, highly productive platform for developing mission critical and cutting edge mobile and web applications. alcheMo fully automates the porting of functionally rich Java ME applications to BREWiPhoneAndroidFlash and Windows Mobile. Recognizing the importance of native look and feel on the smartphone platforms, alcheMo provides powerful native/Java bridging capability to help you develop professional and native look-and-feel applications.

alcheMo enables simultaneous multi-platform development with a single code base and a single development team. alcheMo today powers a diverse range of business-critical applications from market leading content providers including mobile banking, vehicle fleet management, internet messaging, email client and web browser. alcheMo is equally suitable for entertainment applications and games; counting tier 1 publishers I-Play and Glu among our customers.

To maximize market availability, mobile application publishers and developers must make their content available on multiple popular mobile platforms. alcheMo's cost-effective fully automated process cuts weeks or months from time-to-market. It enables developers to maintain a single code base to target the most important web mobile platforms: Java ME, BREW, iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile. These platforms together represent > 95% of current mobile handsets. Through alcheMo for Flash, developers could also target social web, Facebook and traditional web opportunities with the same application code-base. With Innaworks as a partner, fragmentation becomes your competitive advantage.

By virtue of full automation and a single code base, alcheMo's technology delivers significant benefits: reduced life-cycle costs; unified functional testing across Java, Flash and native platforms; reduced customer support costs; and simplified project management. Consolidation into a single maintainable code base helps alcheMo customers to bring their applications to market months ahead of the competition. The single code base advantage enables alcheMo customers to out-maneuver their competitors through rapid and simultaneous product feature rollouts across Java ME, BREW, iPhone, Android, Flash and Windows Mobile over the application's lifetime.

alcheMo is unique in its ability to work with standards compliant Java ME applications. You are not locked in to a vendor's proprietary API and you do not need to spend weeks to convert your standard MIDP 2.0 application to a vendor's proprietary API. Subject to device capabilities, alcheMo product family supports a wide range of APIs, including multimedia, LBS, SMS and PIM.

alcheMo is backed by Innaworks' renowned service and support record. Innaworks stands by the quality of our products. Free software upgrades and technical support are part of the package.

Innaworks is a specialist mobile development tool provider founded in 2002. Innaworks and affiliated companies do not engage in the publishing or development of mobile applications and mobile games, and have no intentions of competing with mobile application publishers and content providers. You can depend on Innaworks' knowledge, experience and focus to craft the best tools.

Supported platforms

alcheMo for BREW is the market leading solution for fully automated Java ME to BREW and Brew MP porting
alcheMo for iPhone enables development of native look and feel iPhone applications using Java ME
alcheMo for Android accelerates migration of Java ME applications to Android
Leverage Facebook, social web and traditional web with alcheMo for Flash
alcheMo for Windows Mobile is the ideal solution to develop native Windows Mobile application using Java