alcheMo for iPhone

alcheMo for iPhone is the ideal environment for developing rich iPhone/iPad applications using the Java language.

With alcheMo for iPhone you can leverage your existing Java ME technology investment and R&D talents. With the proliferation of mobile platforms, the alcheMo product family is the natural choice for multi-platform mobile development. The alcheMo product family makes possible simultaneous BREWiPhoneAndroidFlashWindows Mobile and Java ME development with a single Java ME application code-base and a single development team.

alcheMo for iPhone is capable of converting Java ME applications utilizing an extensive subset of Java ME CLDC 1.1 and MIDP 2.0 and supports a wide range of JSR extension APIs. Furthermore, alcheMo for iPhone's innovative and flexible Objective-C/Java bridge enables developers to take advantage of a vast range of native iPhone APIs including Cocoa. With alcheMo for iPhone you can develop iPhone/iPad applications in Java fully embracing the iPhone/iPad look and feel.

Initially launched in June 2008, alcheMo for iPhone is the world's first fully automated Java to iPhone porting solution. It is battle hardened by leading mobile content providers and mobile game publishers.

Key features

Extensive JSR support

alcheMo for iPhone is capable of porting rich Java ME application using an extensive set of JSRs including MIDP 2.0/CLDC 1.1, JSR-75 FC, JSR-75 PIM, JSR-120 WMA, JSR-135 MMAPI, JSR-179 LBS and JSR-256 Sensors subsets. Please contact Innaworks for the latest list of JSRs.

Objective-C/Java bridge 

The Objective-C/Java bridge offers a powerful, flexible and simple-to-use bi-directional interop mechanism enabling Java code to call Objective-C code, and vice versa. Innaworks also provides a Java stub generator to automate the generation of Java interfaces to arbitrary Objective-C libraries. This combination of Objective-C/Java bridge and Java stub generator opens up a vast range of iPhone/iPad APIs. Developers can use the bridge to access the Cocoa API to develop applications that fully embrace the iPhone/iPad look and feel, or iPhone/iPad APIs not yet available through a Java JSR.

Interface Builder support

Apple's Interface Builder is a powerful tool for rapidly building native iPhone user interfaces. Through the Objective-C/Java bridge it is a breeze to use the Interface Builder generated .nib files.

Interactive on-device and emulator debugging with XCode

As part of the conversion process, alcheMo for iPhone generates a complete XCode project. Developers can therefore take full advantage of the advanced on-device and emulator profiling and interactive debugging support provided by XCode.

Support for advanced Java ME language features

alcheMo's advanced patent pending compiler technologies provides its unique ability to correctly translate Java ME application source code to its C++ equivalent without any post-processing modification required.

Automatic memory management

Garbage collection and automatic memory management is one of the strengths of the Java ME environment. Unlike on Macintosh OS X, Objective-C on iPhone/iPad does not support garbage collection. By incorporating an advanced garbage collector, alcheMo for iPhone eliminates the need for manual memory management. Whole classes of common programming errors such as dangling pointers are thus prevented.