alcheMo for Flash

alcheMo for Flash is currently in beta. To join our private beta program please contact us.

alcheMo for Flash is the world's first fully automated Java ME to Flash cross-compiler capable of transcoding multithreaded Java applications to Flash Player compatible output. Optimized for Flash Player version 9 and version 10, and ready for the upcoming Flash Player 10.1, alcheMo for Flash is the ideal solution for developing rich and visually stimulating Flash Player compatible applications in Java.

alcheMo for Flash opens up exciting opportunities to extend the reach of your Java ME applications to the social web, Facebook, traditional web and desktop. Some exciting use cases include:

  • Marketing and promoting a mobile application on the internet-based app store with a time-limited try-before-you-buy Flash Player compatible version of the same application.
  • Extending the reach of the application to desktop through Adobe AIR
  • Creating a Facebook version of a mobile application with almost zero effort.

With alcheMo for Flash you can leverage your existing Java ME technology investment and R&D talents. With the proliferation of mobile platforms, the alcheMo product family is the natural choice for multi-platform mobile development. The alcheMo product family makes possible simultaneous BREWiPhoneAndroidFlashWindows Mobile and Java ME development with a single Java ME application code-base and a single development team.

For application store owners, mobile operators and handset vendors, Innaworks offer an Ecosystem Solution to rapidly populate an application store with quality Flash content.

Key features

JSRs support

alcheMo for Flashis capable of porting rich Java ME application using an extensive subset of MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1 APIs. Innaworks intends to further extend the API coverage to other JSRs as equivalent functionalities are added to future versions of Flash Players.

Compatible with Flash Player  9 & 10 and ready for Flash Player 10.1

alcheMo for Flash generates content compatible with Flash Player 9 and Flash Player 10. It is ready for Flash Player 10.1.

Flash API access from Java

Through a transparent and low-overhead bridging mechanism developers can invoke Flash APIs from Java source code. The Java/Flash interop mechanism opens up exciting opportunities to create, with Java, highly engaging Flash Player compatible applications that takes advantage of the signature Flash Player multimedia capabilities. Usage example include:

  • Enhance the application user interface with vector based user interface.
  • Incorporating video streaming functionality into the application.

Flash library (.swc) integration

The Flash/Java bridging capability further extends to third party Flash libraries (.swc). Developers could extend their alcheMo for Flash applications with advanced capabilities provided by a large subset of third party Flash libraries.

High performance

alcheMo for Flash is designed from the ground up to deliver high performance Flash Player compatible applications for mobile devices. The alcheMo translator incorporates state-of-the-art whole program optimizations to deliver compact and fast applications and games.

Support for advanced Java ME language features

alcheMo's advanced compiler technologies provides its unique ability to correctly translate Java ME application source code without any post-processing modification required.


Flash Player has a single threaded and an event driven architecture, while Java ME is designed around a multithreaded, synchronous-method-call architecture. alcheMo for Flash is fully capable of converting multithreaded Java ME applications into equivalent Flash Player compatible applications.