alcheMo for Android

alcheMo for Android is ideally suited for migrating feature rich Java ME applications to Android. alcheMo for Android is specially designed for demanding and complex applications with need for reliability and fidelity to the Android look and feel.

With alcheMo for Android you can leverage your existing Java ME technology investment and R&D talents. With the proliferation of mobile platforms, the alcheMo product family is the natural choice for multi-platform mobile development. The alcheMo product family makes possible simultaneous BREWiPhoneAndroidFlashWindows Mobile and Java ME development with a single Java ME application code-base and a single development team.

alcheMo for Android is capable of converting Java ME applications utilizing an extensive subset of Java ME CLDC 1.1 and MIDP 2.0 and supports a wide range of JSR extension APIs. alcheMo for Android maps MIDP LCDUI widgets to Android native UI widgets; Java ME applications utilising the standard LCDUI API would automatically feature native Android look and feel. Furthermore alcheMo for Android provides a flexible bridging mechanism for an application to take advantage of Android API, making it possible to extend your application with Android specific features and Android UI widgets.

For application store owners, mobile operators and handset vendors, Innaworks offer an Ecosystem Solution to rapidly populate an Android application store with quality content.

Key features

Extensive JSR support

alcheMo for Android is capable of porting rich Java ME application using an extensive set of JSRs including MIDP 2.0/CLDC 1.1, JSR-75 FC, JSR-75 PIM, JSR-120 WMA, JSR-135 MMAPI, JSR-179 LBS and JSR-256 Sensors subsets. Please contact Innaworks for the latest list of JSRs.

Support for advance Android features

Through a simple-to-use alcheMo extension API, developers can optionally extend their standard compliant Java ME applications to take advantage of key Android UI features. For example, with a few extra lines of code, a developer can add to an existing Java ME application support for Android input methods including Asian language input methods, spellchecking and third party input methods.

Access to native Android API

alcheMo for Android supports a bridging mechanism for a Java ME application to access native Android API, making it possible to extend an existing Java ME application with Android specific functionalities and native Android UI widgets. You are no longer limited to the functionalities defined by JSRs, but free to combine the best of the Java ME and Android APIs.

Interactive on-device and emulator debugging with Eclipse and Android SDK plug-in

As part of the conversion process, alcheMo for Android generates a complete Eclipse project. Developers can therefore take full advantage of the advanced on-device and emulator interactive source-level debugging support provided by Eclipse and Android SDK plug-in.

Java source code or JAR file as input

The standard edition of alcheMo for Android expects input application to be supplied as Java ME source code. A special Ecosystem Solution edition of alcheMo for Android designed for the unique needs of application store owners and handset vendors is available. This special edition alternatively accepts applications supplied as obfuscated or non-obfuscated JAR files.